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Carpenter bees are attracted to unfinished wooden structures and objects around the home, including decks, porches, fences, siding, or fascia boards. Signs of a carpenter bee infestation including entrance holes in the wood, sawdust, pollen and feces, and appearance of bees flying around or crawling out of the wood. If you have a carpenter problem, we can help. Alabama Professional Services offers effective carpenter bee control and treatment services in Birmingham, Mobile and throughout Alabama.

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Customized Carpenter Bee Service

We can inspect your home for carpenter bees and recommend an effective treatment plan.

Treatment Option 1

  • Thorough inspection performed by an APS pest control professional
  • Spray designated surfaces for 3 consecutive months

Treatment Option 2

  • Thorough inspection performed by an APS pest control professional
  • Seal holes and spray affected areas
  • Follow up with 3 consecutive months of spraying of the designated areas

Carpenter Bees in Alabama - Identification & Prevention

Color Blue-black, green or purple metallic sheen on abdomen
Legs Six
Shape Oval; Bee Shape
Size 1"
Antennae Yes
Flight Yes


Unlike bumble bees, carpenter bees are solitary insects. Female carpenter bees will chew a tunnel into a piece of wood to build a nest gallery. The bits of wood she chews and deposits outside the nest are called frass. The male carpenter bee guards the outside of the nest. He does not have a stinger, but his constant buzzing causes concern for some.


Carpenter bees bore through soft woods to lay eggs and protect their larvae as they develop.


Carpenter bees do not pose a public health threat, but they can damage wood through their nest building.


Carpenter bees prefer bare wood, so painting and staining wood can sometimes deter them. However, they will sometimes attack stained or painted wood, so contact a pest control professional for assistance.

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