Lawn Care

The grass isn’t just greener. It’s healthier!

There are as many variables that can impact your lawn’s health as there are blades of grass in it. We start with an up-close-and-personal assessment of your yard. Our lawn maintenance experts can then create a customized, year-round plan to revitalize and sustain it, including weed treatment, lawn fertilization, tree care services, and more.


A yearlong, six-part residential lawn care treatment may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  •  January: Pre-emergent granule treatment
  •  March: Fertilizer treatment
  •  May: Fertilizer treatment
  •  July: Fertilizer treatment
  •  September: Pre-emergent granule treatment
  •  December: Pre-emergent liquid treatment


Through spring, summer, winter and fall, comprehensive care is available for those lawns in need.

Roots to treetops, APS is your source for Alabama’s best lawn care.