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Foundation Wall Brackets & Straps

Foundation walls are under constant siege. Every moment of every day, they are under pressure from the surrounding soil, which is constantly expanding and contracting in response to changes in moisture and temperature. Depending on the type of wall - poured concrete or concrete block - this pressure can affect your basement walls in different ways that require different solutions. Alabama Professional Services can install WallDefense brackets to help permanently protect your home's foundation walls.

WallDefense for Poured Concrete Walls

WallDefense foundation wall bracket

Foundation walls stabilized with WallDefense brackets.

Steel-reinforced poured concrete walls are inherently strong, as they essentially become a single unit once the concrete has cured. Because of this, they are a popular choice for basement walls when building a home. However, due to their strength, poured walls tend to not fail themselves. Instead, the foundation's weak point is the connection with the home's wood framing at the top of the wall. So, when a poured concrete foundation wall fails due to external pressure from soil, water or frost, it's because the wall becomes disconnected from the wood framing and leans in at the top.

The best way to protect a poured basement wall from separating from the rest of the house is to install WallDefense brackets. Placed just beneath the floor joists, these specially designed steel brackets ensure a direct link between the wall and the house above, more than quadrupling the strength of the connection between the two. WallDefense brackets are a simple-to-install way to permanently protect poured concrete walls from failure.

WallDefense for Concrete Block Walls

WallDefense foundation wall strap

Concrete block foundation stabilized with WallDefense straps.

While most newer homes use poured foundation walls, older homes tend to feature concrete masonry walls. These block walls have the advantage of being able to bear a larger vertical load than poured walls, but because they have multiple joints, they tend to be weaker laterally. So, instead of failing at the top like a poured wall, a block wall tends to fail in the middle, first cracking, then bowing inward as its joints lose connection with each other.

The best way to protect a concrete block wall from failure is to install WallDefense straps. As with the steel brackets, the straps are simple and quick to install. Made from carbon fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRPs) with a tensile strength many times stronger than steel, WallDefense straps hold a block wall together, permanently preventing it from failing.

Diagnosing and Fixing the Problem

Our design techs are expertly trained to diagnose foundation problems. Once you request your free inspection, we'll come to your home and walk you through a thorough assessment using highly specialized equipment. Next, we'll develop a solution tailored to your home's unique needs. By the time the inspection is over, you'll know exactly what caused the problem, exactly what it will take to protect it permanently and exactly how much it will cost to do so.

Once a solution has been customized for your home, we'll pick a date for the job. At that time, a highly trained crew of technicians will install the appropriate WallDefense solution, leaving your home's foundation walls protected for future generations.

Call 1-844-701-0793 or contact us online today to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate. We offer WallDefense and our other foundation wall products in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville and surrounding areas in Alabama.

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