Floor Supports and Structural Repair

APS Custom SmartJack Stabilizers

Custom made SmartJack crawlspace stabilizers from APS are a versatile solution for crawlspaces in trouble! Sagging floors and settling piers mean a whole host of structural problems in your home. Custom-cut SmartJack steel piers are installed just where your floors need them most. Each stabilizer rests on reinforced concrete footings, meaning each support in your system can carry an incredible 30,000 pounds. Talk to an APS representative about uplifting your home with SmartJack.

Square Tubing Wall Brace

Square tubing wall braces are custom made to fit your basement walls, helping to control wall deflection. Wall deflection is the inward movement of basement walls due to increasing hydrostatic pressure. Square tubing wall braces can also be paired with CHANCE Helical Tiebacks to further strengthen your home’s base of support.

Fortress Carbon Fiber Stabilization System

Sometimes starting over with a new build just isn’t an option. Fortress stabilization systems add life to existing structures by reinforcing fractured foundations. Cutting-edge blends of carbon fiber and Kevlar counteract exterior pressures in a cost-effective and non-obtrusive manner. Ask how Fortress’s range of stabilization products could benefit your home!

LintelLift™ System

Noticing cracks and sagging in the structure over your garage door? Your lintel could be the culprit! Over time, your home’s original load-bearing lintel can begin to bow under pressure. APS and our partners can take all of the headache out of this all-too-common problem. The LintelLift System is a pre-engineered solution that shifts the problematic weight off of your home’s existing wooden frame and onto superior iron columns, as well as onto the LintelLift crossbar. Once in place and tightened to secure the lintel’s load, attractive vinyl covers hide any trace of raw iron, leaving your garage looking better than ever! Contact APS today for the best structural solutions in the industry.

PolyLevel® Slab Solution

A sinking slab spells trouble for any structure. Innovative PolyLevel technology lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete slabs with a structural-grade polymer. Once injected, the polyurethane expands to provide precise lifting and leveling. PolyLevel is a lightweight, environmentally friendly, and minimally invasive solution for sinking slabs, regardless of the underlying cause. APS can implement cutting edge structural repair technology like PolyLevel in your building now.

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