When it comes to different types of structures, termites don’t discriminate. New construction and commercial properties are just as vulnerable to the ravages of termite infestations as private residences are. Anyone building or managing facilities in Alabama’s climate should take steps to safeguard their precious infrastructure from these small, silent threats year-round.


The good news is that APS’ versatile range of top-ofthe-line termite control systems can scale up to serve any organization’s needs! Our trained professionals can spot the smallest signs of termite infestations in even the largest facilities. APS can keep new structures safe and sound with virtually no delay to builders using buyer-preferred systems like Sentricon®, Termidor® and Adonis®.

Termite Bait System

Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System The Sentricon System is a termite colony elimination system designed to streamline termite best practices with builders in mind. Professionals can benefit from fewer construction delays, a safer work site and added value to each new property with Sentricon. There’s no more waiting for liquid sprays, clearing personnel from treatments zones or dealing with reapplications due to weather. Call today to learn more about integrating Sentricon into your next project.

Liquid Termite Treatments

• Termidor® termiticide-insecticide is America’s leading termite defense product with over 3 million homes treated since 2000. Termidor’s unique liquid formula is the most robust in the industry, effective over 12 years in ongoing USDA trials. Termidor is a proven termite elimination product, applied expertly by Termidor-certified APS professionals.

• Adonis® termiticide-insecticide is another highly effective liquid formula in the APS arsenal. Adonis is undetectable to termites, ensuring as much of the colony is exposed to the active ingredient as possible. Adonis is designed to protect exterior termite targets and may be used around the perimeter of your projects or existing facilities. Your property deserves the absolute best in termite protection expertise and technology.

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