Basement Waterproofing

Aboveboard Service for your Basement.

Damp, musty, and humid… that’s just how basements are, right? In reality, any amount of moisture in your home’s lowest spaces represents a problem. Flooding issues small or large can damage your electric systems, rot wooden structure and a whole lot more.


Your statewide waterproofing professionals can also help collect basement water seepage at the wall-floor joints where it occurs naturally. The Guardian Interior Waterproofing System uses an ingenious network of channels to collect and direct seepage, rendering it harmless to your structure. DryShield® Waterproof Wall Panels offer yet another layer of defense from subterranean water. Attaching easily to existing basement walls, DryShield panels create a bright, clean, durable and dry surface.


Poor drainage around your property can also exacerbate expansive soil issues, which contribute to foundation damage. APS experts have an extensive range of tools to turn failing foundations around, including an array of Chance™-brand helical piers, tiebacks and anchors. These helical applications offset the load a foundation bears, shouldering the burdens your home’s original infrastructure no longer can. Additionally, APS is equipped to implement cost effective, non-obtrusive carbon fiber grids that are strong enough to halt structural damage and water seepage due to soil pressure.


Don’t let your basement get away with its old, wet ways anymore!

Guardian Waterproofing System

The Guardian interior waterproofing system is a compact network of channels designed to collect water seepage at the source. Discrete channel sections work together to move water away from your wallfloor joints. Learn more about the clean, professional Guardian system from an APS professional!

Dryshield Waterproof Wall Paneling

Dryshield paneling secures easily to existing basement walls to create a new, clean and durable surface. Dryshield panels cover wall leakage, seepage and discoloration, actively channeling water that enters through old walls down into your interior waterproofing system. Bright, cost effective Dryshield surfaces can be cut to fit around windows and utilities, adding an attractive finished look that potential buyers value in a home’s ground floor level.</p> <p>Dryshield is anchored with several types of proprietary moldings, including a 96-inch joiner and an outside corner molding, which support and guide the system’s robust panels around your existing structure. Inside corner and end cap moldings further serve to create a seamless barrier resistant to the detrimental effects of lingering moisture. An APS expert can help bring Dryshield to your basement.

CleanSpace Liner

The The CleanSpace liner is your front line of crawlspace protection. Heavy-duty 20-millimeter polyethylene securely and permanently isolates your home from earth and exterior moisture. Cleanspace manufactures this supremely durable material with UltraFresh, an antimicrobial additive. Once installed, the CleanSpace liner creates a secure, clean barrier that transforms your crawlspace. Contact APS to learn more.

CleanSpace Light Liner

The CleanSpace Light liner is designed to work in tandem with other CleanSpace solutions, like Drainage Matting and TerraBlock products, to achieve results uniquely suited to your situation. Cleanspace manufactures this 10-millimeter polyethylene blend with the same UltraFresh antimicrobial additive found in the standard 20- millimeter liner. Ask our experts how CleanSpace Light can save you energy and help solve your drainage problems.

UltraSump Battery Back-Up System

The UltraSump Battery Back-Up System means peace of mind for anyone with basement waterproofing issues. If your primary pump fails to operate due to a power outage, this DC pump will automatically engage to take on the load. The UltraSump System includes an automatic switching system, a smart charging system, and a high-quality 120-amp battery. Put yourself at ease with an UltraSump backup from APS.

Superior Sump Premier Sump System

S Series

The Superior Sump S Series is a complete sump pump system designed to combat fluid buildup in your home’s ground floor. The S Series is available with pump options capable of moving up to 3,500 gallons of water per hour, all housed in a secure, sealed unit that traps gases and odors. Ask an APS professional if the S Series is right for where you live!

CS Series

Don’t forget about waterproofing your crawlspace. TheSuperior Sump CS Series brings the power of the S series into a shallow basin designed especially for crawlspaces. Like the S Series, the CS Series is also sealed to contain undesirable gases and odors. Ask an APS professional if the CS Series is right for where you live!

S2 Series

The Superior Sump S2 series is even more protection for your home’s lowest level. In addition to a primary pump capable of moving up 3,500 gallons per hour, the S2 contains a secondary backup pump capable of handling up 2,500 gallons per hour. That extra protection comes in a compact profile, complete with perforated liner, sealed lid, and even an audible alert to designate when the backup pump engages. Ask an APS professional if the S2 Series is right for where you live!

CS2 Series

Bring the peace of mind of the S2 series to your crawlspace. The CS2 Series houses a primary pump capable of moving up to 3,500 gallons per hour, along with a 2,500 gallon-per-hour backup unit. The CS2’s crawlspace-friendly profile is safe and sealed to Superior Sump’s high standards. Ask an APS professional if the CS2 Series is right for where you live!

Triple Pump Pack Heavy Duty Pump System S3 Series

For top-tier power and performance, the Triple Pump Pack S3 series is any homeowner’s answer. Three pumps work within one basin to keep your lowest level dry. Built-in vibration pads, LED indicators, and an airtight lid all serve to make the S3 Series inconspicuous and easy to monitor. Ask an APS professional if the S3 Series is right for where you live!


WaterWatch Pump Alarm

A nonfunctional sump system could jeopardize the basement or crawlspace you’ve worked so hard to waterproof. A WaterWatch pump alarm is designed to give you early warning when water climbs to points at which your pumps should have been working. When it comes to water damage, quick response can save you thousands in repairs down the road. APS can help bring early warning into your home’s ground level.

Guardian Audible Water Alarm

When it comes to water damage, time is money. A quick response to unwanted water can save you thousands. The Guardian Audible Water Alarm guarantees you’ll be the first to know if water collects in your attic, basement, crawlspace, or anywhere else. An 85-decibel alarm, easy maintenance, and corrosion resistant components make the Guardian the industry standard in water detection. Your APS representative can connect you to great Guardian products now.


EZflow Gravel Free Drainage System

The EZflow Gravel Free system makes use of innovative materials to solve your basement or crawlspace’s drainage issues. EZflow Poly- Rock and a unique geotextile mesh combine to form a durable, crushproof product with a 100-year lifespan! APS can show you how effective EZflow can be.

RainChute & LawnScape Outlets

Gutters are a necessity on any home, but too often they don’t go far enough to move water an appropriate distance away from your foundation. Pipes can be affixed to your downspouts, but their terminal points usually leave ugly hazards in your yard. Enter LawnScape outlets, an easy to maintain, low profile water dispersion fitting. Lawnscape is made of durable, dark-green material that blends in with its surroundings and presents no lawn care hazard. For an affordable open-air solution, the RainChute product is a musthave for any homeowner. RainChute is a trough recessed approximately one inch into the ground that is capable of moving water up to 7 feet away from your downspout (and your foundation). With RainChute buried below the grade of your lawn, you’ll never have to worry about cheap, clumsy outlets being redirected, tripping your family members, or presenting a lawn care obstacle. Talk to APS about getting water away from foundation today.

Bulldog Gutter Guard

The Bulldog Gutter Guard is designed to keep you off of the ladder and everything but water out of your gutters. An American-made aluminum insert is cut to fit your gutter with virtually no overhang. The Bulldog system can keep your gutters clean and extend their life with added structural integrity. Talk to an APS expert about bringing Bulldog to your home.

Basement Systems Pop-Up Drains

Pop-Up Drains from Basement Systems provide are ideal terminal points for subterranean water dispersal solutions. This product’s spring-loaded drain heads only open once the necessary water level and accompanying pressure are great enough. Minimal exposure and a sleek profile reduce the chances of system compromise and obstruction of your lawn. APS can help you disperse water away from your foundation with Pop-Up Drains–reach out!


SaniDry XP Upright Model

The SaniDry XP Upright dehumidifier is up to ten times more powerful than a typical in-home dehumidifier, yet it uses the same amount of energy. This marriage of functionality and efficiency can effectively treat the air in basements or crawlspaces greater than 40” high. Trust APS to safely and securely bring SaniDry technology to your home!

Aprilaire 1850F Dehumidifier

The Aprilaire 1850F dehumidifier is a high-capacity whole-home solution capable of removing up to 95 pints of moisture per day from a maximum space of 3,000 sq. ft. Tucked away in a basement, crawlspace, or utility closet, the 1850F’s power is applied quietly, keeping your air comfortable and healthy without disrupting your daily life. Easy to use controls and minimal annual maintenance make the 1850F a well rounded solution for most homeowners. Contact APS to learn more!

Aprilaire 1870F Dehumidifier

The rigorously tested, Energy Star-certified Aprilaire 1870F is a dehumidification solution of superior power, reliability, and discretion. Boasting a 5-year warranty and a corrosion-resistant ecoated coil, the 1870F model is capable of removing up to 130 pints of air moisture per day. An APS expert can bring the 1870F’s whisper-quiet performance to your home! Call today.

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