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Oh No, Mosquito: Bites Begone this Mosquito Season

Repel & Kill Mosquitos with APS

“Buzz Smack Ow!”

Mosquitos are the enemy of outdoor entertainment as these blood-sucking pests are seemingly everywhere in Alabama for the majority of the year. Short of slathering yourself and your loved ones in unpleasant, odorous repellents to enjoy any time in Alabama’s beautiful outdoors, you may feel like there’s no solution to the threat of mosquito bites. That’s why Alabama Professional Services offers convenient, safe solutions to reclaim your time outside from the ‘skeeter scourge that plagues our warmer months. Read on for some fast facts on these perennial pests and how our team of expert exterminators can put you back in control of your outdoor spaces.

Most Alabamians should remain vigilant for the reemergence of mosquito populations when temperatures begin to warm up in March. The pests will remain active through spring and summer, generally subsiding around September when cooler fall weather moves in. However, residents of Alabama’s gulf coast region face a broader window of mosquito activity, typically beginning around February and continuing through November.

Although the vast majority of mosquitoes only pose a minor threat with the lingering itchy bites we’re all familiar with, the risk of mosquito-borne illnesses is never zero. Of the approximately sixty different species of mosquito that call Alabama home, some of the most common you’re likely to encounter include the Asian tiger mosquito, the Japanese encephalitis mosquito, and the southern house mosquito. In addition to their telltale troublesome bite, mosquitoes like these can carry and transmit diseases including Zika, West Nile virus, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Saint Louis Encephalitis, and La Crosse Encephalitis. To be clear, the danger of contracting one of these diseases from mosquitoes in our state is statistically low. But total peace of mind can only come by preventing the threat altogether through mitigation and extermination measures.

Alabama’s notoriously wet springs and summers make our state green and bountiful on the one hand, yet also attractive to mosquitoes on the other. Standing water is the ideal incubator for the insects’ eggs. Shortly after propagating in ponds, birdbaths, and the like, mosquito problems quickly grow from obnoxious to downright unbearable. Proactive homeowners can improve their quality of life outdoors first and foremost by diligently emptying standing bodies of water regularly. Though that’s unquestionably a prudent first step, it won’t help you eliminate populations that make it into your space from afar.

To combat this, APS’ team of mosquito specialists will tailor a mosquito control solution that’s right for your property in any region of Alabama. Whether you’re combating the mosquito threat on the shores of Baldwin County or the banks of the Tennessee River, we can work with you to develop a plan that gets you back to enjoying your outdoor spaces safely and quickly. Our experienced experts offer mosquito reduction services that attack the pests at the source.

A courteous team of APS professionals will take care to treat your lawn, trees, shrubs, and even gutters to make your property inhospitable to Alabama mosquitoes. A one-time Pro-Star treatment may be just the helping hand you need to reclaim your backyard. For those in need of a more comprehensive plan of attack, all-season protection is available monthly from February to September.

Contact us today for a free mosquito control estimate and get back to enjoying the great outdoors—no buzzing, no biting, and no worries!

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