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Crawl space moisture or humidity mean a continuous drain on your utility bills as well as a rotting, decaying crawl space under your home. Additionally, vented crawl spaces in Alabama will create an access point for insects, animals, and all types of pests, inviting infestations in your home.

All of these problems can be helped by simply installing:

The installation usually takes less than a day, and the vapor barrier itself comes with a 25-year warranty. Read on to see the steps we take to install a crawl space encapsulation system, or click here to sign up for a free estimate and inspection on a crawl space moisture barrier system in your Alabama home!

Step 1: Install Airtight Crawl Space Doors and Vent Covers

Sealing off your crawl space vents stops the vicious cycle of moisture and cold constantly entering your crawl space and then moving upwards into your home year-round. Covering the crawl space vents and doors with an airtight seal will make the home more energy efficient. However, even with a crawl space vapor barrier installed, moisture will still enter through the crawl space walls and floors, and much of it can be trapped there.

Old-fashioned crawl space doors are not likely to be airtight. It's very important to seal the crawl space door with a newer airtight one when you seal the vents to ensure that the crawl space is completely protected from outside influences.

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Step 2: Remove any Standing Water & Stop all Flooding

If your crawl space is experiencing crawl space flooding, that problem must be addressed before anything else is done. Installing a crawl space sump pump with a drainage swale that leads all water toward it is a great way to deal with groundwater flooding.

Plumbing failures can also leak water in the crawl space. Because homeowners will not generally enter their crawlspaces on a regular basis, crawl space plumbing leaks have been known to go unnoticed for days, months, even years! You won't want water flooding up your encapsulated crawl space like a swimming pool, so be sure to fix all leaks before the crawl space repair.

Step 3: Encapsulate the Crawl Space

If you're interested in preventing moisture from seeping upwards from the crawl space walls and floors, it's best to install a rugged, tear-resistant plastic vapor barrier on the crawl space walls and floors in your home. The crawl space vapor barrier installed by Alabama Professional Services is 20 mil thick and comes with seven layers of polyester cord, high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene. The best color for this barrier is white, as it makes the best use of available lighting.

To allow a visible area on block walls for termite inspector access, Alabama Professional Services will also install a clear plastic cap on the tops of the walls, allowing vapor barrier protection while providing an installation that will still allow inspection.

Step 4: Install a Dehumidifier in your Damp Crawl Space

Encapsulated Crawl Space with Vapor Barrier and Crawl Space Vent Covers in Birmingham, AL
Encapsulated Crawl Space

Once the area is sealed off, it's a good idea to install a crawl space dehumidifier. Homes that have had the crawlspaces saturated with humidity will retain some of that moisture in the wood even when the space is encapsulated. A dehumidifier can dry this out, while making sure that any future moisture is not trapped in the space. The SaniDry Crawl Space Dehumidifier, available with Alabama Professional Services, is a self-draining, powerful design that's Energy Star Rated and powerful enough to do the job the way you want it to.

No matter what your needs in your crawl space, Alabama Professional Services would like to help. For a free, no-obligation crawl space vapor barrier installation quote, call or e-mail them today!

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